Feedback from survivors of Domestic Abuse

Survivors of Domestic Abuse in Lincolnshire are being asked to give their feedback to help shape the county’s services.

In the past, feedback from survivors has led to easier access to information – including website improvements and better explanations of emotional and psychological abuse – as well as better training for those working with people experiencing domestic abuse.

The Escaping Domestic Abuse’ survey has been running on the Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse website for the past few years and allows users of the service to give feedback anonymously, on the help and support they have received. It also enables people to put suggestions forward for improvements to services.

Other improvements made based on feedback have been more healthy relationship advice in schools, more survivor stories on the website and the ‘Friends, family, colleagues’ campaign to help people understand about domestic abuse so they can recognise when it is happening to a loved one and know how to support them.

Karen Shooter, County Domestic Abuse Manager, said:

“We are beginning to put together our Domestic Abuse Strategy which will run until 2020 and feedback is a really valuable part of helping to shape the services available in Lincolnshire.

“We’ve received a significant number of responses from women and men who have been abused, including victims in same sex relationships or who were abused by other family members rather than a partner or ex-partner.

“I’d really like to thank everyone who took the time to fill in our survivor survey, and encourage as many people as possible to follow their lead, particularly if they’ve been affected by domestic abuse more recently.”

To fill in the survey, visit . People can also contact us to tell their story confidentially by emailing .