West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service is the provider for the Lincolnshire Independent Domestic Violence Advisor Service.  From the 1st August 2018, we will be employing 7 Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), 1 of which will be a specialist worker within the hospital setting.

The IDVAs provide a specialist service for males and females aged 16 and over, who have  been referred to a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and have been assessed as high risk of homicide or serious injury due to domestic abuse and violence using the ACPO/CAADA/DASH (2009) Risk Assessment Tool-kit and /or by professional judgement.

The IDVA Service is independent of any agency: the primary role of the IDVA is to ensure the safety of the victim. They work from the point of crisis for the victim, usually just after a police call out, or for example, an attendance at Accident and Emergency. The service provided by the  IDVA’s  assist victims to get all the necessary support from partner agencies to reduce the risks they face, enhance their safety, and rebuild positive lives. They provide advice, support and information about the range, effectiveness and suitability of options to reduce their risk and ensure their safety and that of their children and vulnerable associates. For the majority of time, the IDVAs will be working in partnership with the County Council, District and City Councils, Police, Health Service, Probation Service, Assault Referral Centre and local third sector support services.

The key aims of the IDVA Service are:

  • To increase the safety of identified high risk victims and their child(ren) and other vulnerable associates
  • To work from a point of crisis to address and reduce risk, offering short to medium term support
  • To ensure the increased health and well being of identified high risk victims and their child(ren) and other vulnerable associates
  • To ensure that the views of identified high risk victims and victims of serious sexual abuse are represented at the MARAC
  • To provide appropriate information, advice and support to identified high risk victims in relation to civil and criminal justice system, contributing to successful court outcomes
  • To work with identified high risk victim of domestic abuse to enable them to access the services they need (e.g. health, housing etc. ) in the aftermath of the abuse
  • To reduce repeat victimisation
  • To reduce violent crime

The IDVA will support high risk victims through the civil and criminal justice system and assist in accessing service provision such as housing, health, and finance. They will liaise with agencies from the statutory and voluntary sector to ensure that a multi agency approach is taken to ensure the victims safety. Referrals to the service will come via referrals to MARAC from statutory agencies, criminal justice system and third sector support services. N.B. THE IDVA SERVICE DOES NOT TAKE REFERRALS DIRECT FROM VICTIMS.

The IDVAs attend all scheduled and emergency Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs) to represent the victim and co-ordinate the actions of Partnership Agencies. Where appropriate the IDVA will also attend Multi Agency Public Protection Panel Meetings (MAPPA).

How to make referrals into the Service
All referrals of High Risk Cases to the IDVAs will be allocated via the MODUS case recording system. On assessing a victim as being at high risk of homicide or serious injury due to domestic abuse and/or violence, using the ACPO/CAADA/DASH (2009) Risk Assessment tool-kit, the referring agency should send a completed MARAC referral form  and the completed Risk Assessment to the County Domestic Abuse Administrator.  On receipt of the referral and risk assessment the County Domestic Abuse Administrator will enter the case onto MODUS and which will be accessed by the IDVA the following working day. It is essential that all mandatory fields on the referral form are completed, as those without clear consent will not be referred to the IDVA.  Referral paperwork must demonstrate that the referral is based on the use of the current DASH Risk Assessment and practitioners must ensure that cases meet the referral criteria and that all referrals are approved by their MARAC Representative prior to sending.

The IDVA Service operates 5 days a week, Monday to Friday with the core hours of 9am to 5 pm.

The IDVA Service is managed by Angela Mountain, Project Manager: any queries regarding the Service should be directed to her.
E-mail address:
Secure email:
Mobile: 07891 831673

In the Project Manager’s absence please contact Celia Madden,West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Project Manager (Telephone: 01522 510041. E-mail:

Complaints regarding the Independent Domestic Violence Advisor Service should be made in writing and addressed to the:  IDVA Project Manager at West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service, PO Box 125, Lincoln, LN1 1HA